Vanessa Torres


Social Media Marketing Specialist
The Millenial.Be
Chicago, IL

Vanessa Torres is a modern-day social media marketing specialist, with a background of skills that vary between youth outreach, marketing, event coordinating and female leadership entrepreneurship.  She firmly believes in the strength of creating meaningful relationships, and has a true spirit of adventure.

Vanessa has demonstrated the power of her social media network, which reveals the increasing popularity of building an online media presence and its rising influence among our generation. Her determination, innovative and high energy has empowered Vanessa to live her passion for TV a reality when she saw the opportunity for a contest mentioned on 190 North. With the support of her family and friends on social media, the campaign for #VT4TV quickly arose and earned her a spot as a co-host on Chicago’s ABC show 190 North — to share the spotlight with Executive Producer & host Janet Davies.

Vanessa has been an inspiration to her native Logan Square community in Chicago, influencing those she surrounded among by building a strong leadership, coupled with promoting high-quality work supported by a community-oriented attitude. A graduate of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in 2007, Vanessa has a bachelor’s in Political Science.