Ulises Silva

Chicago, IL

Ulises Silva does a little bit of everything but is most passionate about writing and storytelling. He began his writing career—such as it is—with truly horrific Anime fanfics but has since devoted his efforts toward writing heartwarming stories about the end of the world and zany satires about Latinos, time travel, and guacamole.

Ulises feels that it’s vital for Latino/as to tell our own stories, especially with films and media doing such a lousy job of telling them for us—when they’re not altogether pretending we don’t exist. It’s why he is focused on writing and publishing works that feature Latino/a protagonists in a wide range of roles—from troubled musicians to ruthless anti-heroines to potty-mouthed adventurers.

In his new novel, The Perfect Teresa, an unemployed Aztec deity lets a woman go back to 1988 to redo her junior year of high school. It’s a time-travel narrative featuring a Latina protagonist, personal growth, and, of course, guacamole.

Ulises is currently a Product Marketing Manager for TCF Bank.

You can learn more about his novels at ulisessilva.com.