Nicolle Morales Kern

Communications Strategist
Los Afro-Latinos
Philadelphia, PA

Nicolle is a writer, editor, and communications specialist with a passion for all forms of expression. Currently she is the Communications Strategist for the blog, Los Afro-Latinos, and is former Managing Editor for Being Latino, Inc.

Nicolle’s heritage is German and Panamanian. Her approach to life is influenced by the years she spent growing up in England and Germany, where she attended local schools, continued her adventures in learning other languages (she speaks German and Spanish), experiencing different cultures, and exploring the world through travel. Nicolle also lived in Madrid, Spain during her freshman year in college, and has a BA in Journalism from Drexel University.

When she’s not writing, reading or exploring social media, Nicolle can be found in the kitchen cooking up meals that she features on her blog, Culture Jaunt.