Jennifer Larancuent

Jen Larancuent

Co-founder/Board Chair
From Polar Bears to Palm Trees

Jennifer Larancuent is a Swedish-Argentine translator, illustrator and writer passionate about Human Rights, Intersectional Feminism and the Arts.

Growing up with two cultures and having lived in several different countries, she loves to tell intercultural stories through her art and writing. More than Latina is one of the projects that came as a result of that background, together with Libby Juliá-Vázquez.

Jennifer has a background in Latin American Studies, Cultural Studies, Global Development, Human Rights and Social Anthropology. She has worked as staff writer for several different online magazines, such as the Being Latino Online Magazine, and does translation work for various international companies and clients.
Her art and illustrations can be found on her website Jen la Artista and Instagram . You can also connect on Linkedin.