Eric V. Ibarra

Founder and Executive Director
Las Fotos Project

Los Angeles native, Eric Ibarra, is the Executive Director and Founder of Las Fotos Project. Being introduced to photography at a young age by his mother and her 35mm Cannon camera, Ibarra’s love for the art only flourished as he got into his teens and adulthood. A self-taught photographer, Ibarra continues learn and perfect his skills by attending photography lectures and reading. His inspiration behind Las Fotos Project came from both his time volunteering locally in a Los Angeles based non-profit agency and teaching 5 orphan girls about photography and creative writing in Guanajuato, Mexico as part of an international project. Ibarra models much of the program after a workshop he attended lead by renowned Photo Therapist, Judy Wesier.  Since 2010, Ibarra has worked with over 250 young Latinas, to create a network of empowered and confident teens who can express themselves through their art, their images, and their words. They create social change in their community, better the lives of their neighbors, share traditions and cultural celebrations, and learn about the lives of girls their age throughout Latin America and the United States.
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