Wendy Angulo: Living a lasting legacy

Meet Wendy Angulo, founder of Wendy Angulo Productions. She’s a a New York City born Latina, raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She returned to New York in 1998. Get to know her in her own words.

I am inspired by my mother. All of her teachings, from moral values to her business etiquette are lessons I apply into my everyday life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur.

I am a writer and I have been working on my memoir for the past three years. So far I have completed two manuscripts. In the past year I have invested in my writing by attending workshops in and out of NYC. I have also taken on the #52essayschallenge created by Vanessa Martir, which consists on writing one essay per week during the entire year.

I host a monthly writing and book club called The Musa. The group consists of seven women writers who meet every month to discuss a book written by a writer of color. We also workshop our work by providing critique. I created this group as a support resource to the members to encourage each other to keep writing, submit our work and critique books since we’re all avid readers. All while sharing a good meal. The group meets in my house and after completing this first year I have some projects in mind within the group. Stay tuned!

Wendy Angulo

Wendy Angulo

Wendy Angulo Productions

In 2013 I created Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts through collaborative events among both established and emerging artists. We are a full service management company that offers bookings, production, event marketing, sponsorship and promotional services to Spoken Word and Visual Artists. Our mission is to identify, develop and maximize opportunities for creative talent across all media platforms. Through my company I have curated and produced art and poetry events.

The reason behind the mission

When I created Wendy Angulo Productions I did it to enhance and strengthen the arts in Queens, the borough where I reside, and also as an outlet for my creativity. Arts are fundamental for the development of the human race. Growing up, visits to museums, and attending concerts, exhibitions and theater were part of my life, influencing the woman I am today.

Paying it forward

I am a big supporter of projects that involve important causes. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am very fortunate to be able to tell my story. To inspire other women going through it to not feel ashamed and victimized. There is a way out and it will not define you. Yes it will be a life experience, but you always have the power to turn it into a lesson of resilience and inner transformation. When I was approached to work on the exhibition, I said yes without hesitation. It was the same with the poetry video and the brunch.

Currently I am working on two projects: a photography exhibition of women who have experienced trauma and a poetry video for Domestic Violence Awareness. Both are in the beginning stages.

I am also co-hosting a brunch with Wordat4f to support the #DistributingDignity campaign of Latinos NYC to collect feminine hygiene products for the homeless women of NYC. This will take place on March 18 from 12 noon to 3:00pm at the Alianza Dominicana 530 West 166th Street in NYC.

Leaving a footprint

Legacy has always been an important concept in my life. I remember growing up and hearing that word constantly. It was always on the tip of my mother’s tongue: “Mi unica herencia es lo que les enseño” (My only legacy is what I teach you). Looking back, she was right, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for all the things I learned from her. From cultural traditions to moral values. As a writer, especially a writer of color, I strongly believe in the importance of telling our stories. In leaving a legacy to those who look like me so they can see themselves in books, movies, television, plays, and billboards. Representation is important. Our stories matter. We matter.

El futuro

I want this to become my full time job. At the moment I juggle my regular 9-5 and all these projects, alongside being a full time mother of a tween.

I will also be completing a Master’s Degree in Arts and Communication which will begin this Fall. I am super excited about it! We never stop learning. I am constantly evolving and taking in on all the opportunities that are presented to me to grow. The only limitation I have is within myself. All is possible. Sky is the limit!


Food: Pabellon Criollo (Venezuela’s Traditional Dish that consists of white rice, shredded beef in tomato sauce, black beans and sweet plantains)
Song: This one is difficult because I have many. Right now “Chunky” from Bruno Mars (on replay!)
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Book: The Buddha in Daily Life by Richard Causation


Facebook: Wendy Angulo
Twitter: @WendyAnguloProd
Instagram: @wangproductions
Website: www.wendyanguloproductions.com

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