Kate Solis Silva: Coaching, Dancing, Meditating for life

Meet Kate Solis Silva, a dynamic Latina who has a lot going on. She’s lived in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago since 2013 and loves it. Hails from outside Detroit where she served in the Americorps program in 2011. She’s 39, a Scorpio, and wife to Ulises and Pet Mom to their adorable senior cat, Indie. She was a retail manager for a decade before making the switch to fundraising. The Associate Director of Development at Chicago Lights, she’s passionate about causes that provide life-saving services to our most vulnerable populations locally and globally. She serves as Mentorship Program Co-Chair with the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago and wants to travel EVERYWHERE she’s never been.

And that’s just the beginning! Get to know her in her own words.

Coach Kate

In two short weeks I’ll be start formal training to become a certified Coach focusing on topics such as career, leadership, and life transitions. I’m very excited to use this new skill set in my work at Chicago Lights and continue to grow in the field of Coaching.

I’m inspired by the ability to connect deeply with others.

The fact that I’ve personally experienced the benefits of the work. I LOVE to help others achieve their goals—it inspires me and makes me want to do more and better. Supporting people and groups to step outside their comfort zone to shift and grow is incredibly motivating. The energy is tangible!

Dancing Dreams

When it comes to knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was a late bloomer. I wasn’t thinking out-of-the-box until college and I realized then if I could start over I would be a professional dancer. I took my first formal dance classes in ballet and modern in college and to say that I fell in love was an understatement. My logical side kept me from pursuing dance as a career in my early twenties, but it has been and will always be my number one passion.

I would also advise my college self to study abroad, join the Peace Corps, and take a travel gap year. Since I was paying my way through college, I didn’t pursue some options, like traveling, as closely as I should have. The chance to go on extended travel just doesn’t present itself as frequently these days. The travel bug bit me a little later on than most and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Meditation is Life

“Life-changing” is such a buzzword these days when it comes to diet, exercise, and wellness fads, but developing a meditation practice has been nothing short of that for me. I fit the bill for a Type A personality, owning both the good and bad. Meditation is my way of taking my plug out of the wall and after a brief pause, plugging back in with more focus, calm, and joy. It’s been a part of my life since 2015 and I’ve only had a break in my stride for a month or so since then. That month confirmed that I not only felt better when I meditated, but that I needed this practice in my life. I’m beyond thankful to have this tool in my life and I’m excited to continue deepening my practice!

365 Days

My one year plan: Happy. Healthy. Living intentionally. Incorporating the words entrepreneur in my professional repertoire. In fact, I’ll be launching my blog Uncharted Waters in the near future.

I feel that this year will continue to be one of great positive change and I’m excited to see how this question gets answered!


My personal facebook page: Kate Solis Silva
My soon-to-be professional FB page: Kate Solis Silva
My linkedin: Kate Solis Silva
My Instagram account: @katethecuriouswanderer


Animal: If by animal you mean mythical sea creature, I’ll go with mermaid. I LOVE everything about the water!
Food: TOSTADAS. This food deserves to be capitalized.
Word: I’m gonna switch this one to sound and I’ll go with laughter.

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