Dr. Marilu Sanchez: Running her way to 40

Meet Dr, Marilu Sanchez. A Chicago native residing in Los Angeles who is turning 40 this year . Learn how she’s approaching a new decade, in her own words.

I am actually really looking forward to turning 40. When I was 27 yrs old, after being involved in a car accident, ER doctors gave me an MRI told me that due to some brain “issues” I would not see 40. I had a check up back in October 2015 and the neurologist gave me an additional 10 yrs. So for me just turning 40 in itself is a great accomplishment! 

It’s all a little scary and it has made me think about my overall health and well being. I having been yo-yoing all my life and now I really just want to be healthy and live a healthy life.

Dr. Marilu Sanchez

Dr. Marilu Sanchez

I’m also I am a little worried that I have to finally GROW UP! I spent the majority of my 30s pursing a doctorate degree and traveling the world when possible. But as I enter my 40s, I have been thinking about having more stability and settling down. Maybe going back home to Chicago…


Some people just plan a big party for their 40th and that would be perfect for someone who doesn’t party as much as I do. I wanted to focus on my health. Improving my life expectancy is a priority and being healthy is key. That’s how I came up with 40 runs by my 40th, or 40by40. I am very goal oriented and what better way to keep me focus and moving forward.

The Schedule

I scheduled some runs and paid the registration for them ahead of time, the Holiday runs and the Rock n Roll run. The in between runs I purchase as I go.
Scheduling some of the runs helps me do the in-between runs. It ensures that I am able to run the longer ones. I am also keeping track of the money I spend on registration fees, which serves as a motivator. Do not want to throw away money!

The official medal holder

The official medal holder

Decisions, Decisions

I didn’t think about how I’d choose the runs at first, but after running a few 5ks and feeling like “Oh I can keep going after crossing the finish line” I began increasing the distance in the runs I choose. After the 5k I went to 10k and decided that i would stay there until I signed up for some half marathons. Now I am doing 10k and 15ks in preparation for the half marathons.


I haven’t lost any weight yet, or inches for that matter, but running has helped with my anxiety and stress. My goal during this journey is to improve my overall HEALTH! Cause I aint getting any younger!

The Finish Line

I have not scheduled the final run. Mainly because it will fall on my birthday week and I am not sure where I will ring in the new decade.  But if all goes well, I will start my 50 by 50 challenge in Chicago when I take on the Chicago marathon in October for the 3rd time in my life. Fifty marathons, one in each state, by the time I’m 50!
The More than Latina audience can definitely come out and support this old woman trying to cross the finish line.

Last Words

My advice for anyone setting a similar goal is,
Get our of your comfort zone, talk to people and MAKE IT FUN!!!


Food: I’m always on  the look out for the best cheeseburger
Song: Frank Sinatra’s I did it my way
Place to travel: Somewhere you never been to
Drink: Nothing beats a nice cold beer

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